Facilities and Operations provides services to all five of the University of Alberta's campuses, which encompass 1.5 million square meters of gross floor space.

The portfolio is comprised of five units including: Ancillary Services; Operations and Maintenance; Planning and Project Delivery; Utilities; Shared Services, and the University's Office of Sustainability, which is a joint oversight with the Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic.

Facilities and Operations provides direction and leadership on a variety of areas including long-range campus planning; buildings and grounds maintenance; utilities; energy management and sustainability programs; residence services, conference servicesreal estate and commercial property management; and ONEcard



  1. Notice of important changes to Facilities and Operations website

    Please be aware of the important information for all visitors of the Facilities and Operations website.

  2. Triffo Halls wins The Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) Award

    One of the university's most historic buildings was recognized for its sustainable features.

  3. Old Dogs, New Tricks: Dentistry Pharmacy Reinvents Itself With Rescue Organization

    The Dentistry/Pharmacy Centre has found new life with some capable four-legged friends.

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