Additional Information for O&M Forms

Work Requisitions and Lock and Key forms

In order to provide you with the best service possible, please ensure Work Requisitions and Lock and Key Forms include an authorized signature, speed code, and account number. If these are NOT provided, your request will be returned to you to complete this information. Work requisitions must also include an e-mail address for job verification and confirmation purposes. If you do not have an e-mail address, please supply a departmental contact who can receive the above information.

Completed forms may be submitted as follows:

Planned and Unplanned Shutdowns of building mechanical systems, electrical services, and utilities occur due to breakdowns, renovation service connections, and regular maintenance. The Facility Services Manager will contact the department or faculty administration, who in turn, are responsible for contacting all affected users to ensure they have input into the timing of the shutdown. Cooperation and communication is vital in minimizing the effects of the shutdown.

Medical Isotope Cyclotron Facility (MICF) Maintenance

Trained maintenance staff and trained contractors are permitted to enter the Medical Isotope Cyclotron Facility (MICF) to conduct regular maintenance tasks based on the defined access control procedures, work decision matrix, and work clearance form as detailed in the following:

AiM Customer Statements

Click on the one of links below and logon using your ccid (enter in lowercase) then password to view the current month's customer statements, sorted by org (DeptID). These statements are updated by the last business day of each month.

Previous Month's Statements (from October on) can also be viewed by clicking on either 1 or 2 below, logging on with your CCID and choose Parent Directory at the top of the list of Statements. You can then choose from the resulting list, the appropriate month for either Jobs or PVI statements, e.g. Jobs_Dec, PVI_Nov, etc.

  1. Current Month's Billing Statements (JOBS)
    This list of files is very long and display may take up to 30 seconds.

  2. For detail related to current year PVI charges, contact the Vehicle Pool at 780.492.1920

To better enable us to assist you, please include your CCID and Org Code (Department ID) when contacting Systems Control.

Systems Control
phone: 780.492.4031 or 780.492.4029