Driver Log and Vehicle Inspection Requirements (Log Books)

Driver Log Books
Log Book Instructions
Daily Vehicle Inspections 

Transport Canada Drivers' Hours of Service Regulations apply to:

  • vehicles owned by the University of Alberta (U of A decals and unit # on the side) and have an actual or registered Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) exceeding 4500 kg.
  • vans and buses designed to carry 10 or more passengers, including the driver. 

examples of University vehicles in this range include:

  • a 3/4 ton pick-up truck carrying heavy cargo or pulling a utility trailer with an ATV on it.
  • most 1 ton trucks
  • trucks rated at 3 ton or more
  • 12 to 15 passenger vans, 24 and 37 passenger buses
    Vehicles "designed" to carry 12 or more passengers van are defined as buses in the Traffic Safety Act


  • Drivers of vehicles rented from a commercial source such as Budget or Enterprise with a rental or lease agreement not exceeding 30 days.

  • Drivers of University owned vehicles are exempt from completing log books when all four of the following requirements are met:
  1. The radius of the trip does not exceed 160 km
  2. The driver is returning to the original departure location within 13 hours
  3. Daily records of the drivers' start and end or work times (Duty Status), including days off are maintained
  4. The driver is not driving under a permit or other restriction issued by Transport Canada or another commercial vehicle regulation.


Commercial Vehicle Inspection Stations (scales) post signs directing "Commercial vehicles weighing more than 4,500 kg and non-scheduled buses to report"

Drivers of vehicles weighing more than 4500 kg, who are unable to produce properly completed log books and trip inspection reports may be subject to:

  • search a vehicle, without a warrant, for driver log books, trip inspection reports and vehicle documentation
  • seizure of the vehicle, trailer and equipment
  • "out of service" declaration (suspended driver's license)
  • a fine (summons to appear in court at the local jurisdiction)

Log books and trip inspection sheets are available from the Fleet Safety Officer (

Log Book Instructions

Click here to view an example of a log book that includes the timelines. 

Daily Vehicle Inspections

The Alberta Traffic Safety Act/ Commercial Vehicle Safety Regulation AR121 Section 10 requires drivers of commercial vehicles with an actual or registered Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) exceeding 4500 kg. inspect their vehicles daily. Pre-trip inspections identify potential vehicle equipment failures prompting preventive maintenance.

Original vehicle inspection sheets (white copies) must be forwarded to the Fleet Safety Officer.   Departments may make copies for their own records as required.  Yellow copies are to be retained by the driver.

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