Current Construction Projects

Founders' Hall Renewal Project

Founders' Hall Renewal ProjectLocation: Augustana Campus
Scheduled Completion: Summer 2014

Built in 1912, Founders’ Hall is Augustana’s signature campus landmark. For years it was the only building on campus and housed classrooms, offices, dorms, the library and the cafeteria. The building is now home to administrative offices and classroom space. The renewal project was initiated by the need to remove and replace the deteriorating wood siding. The renewal project also includes the addition of an elevator to make the facility universally accessible and the repurposing of interior space. Please visit the Founders' Hall Renewal Project webpage for more information.

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Innovation Centre for Engineering (ICE)

CMELocation: North Campus
Architect: Cohos Evamy
Scheduled Completion: First Quarter 2012

Companion to the condition and functional renewal of the Chemical and Materials Engineering (CME) Building is the Innovation Centre for Engineering (ICE), which adjoins the north wall of the CME building and the south wall of Windsor Car Park. 

Intended to address the significant deficiencies associated with teaching and research functional space requirements of the Faculty of Engineering, ICE will consist of 27,600 gross square metres of new development to address the faculty’s space needs to 2020. The facility will accommodate the faculty’s entire professional administrative and academic staff, as well as a portion of the graduate students from all departments of the faculty. It will also house limited undergraduate seminar and support facilities for the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering.

Click here to learn more about the Innovation Centre for Engineering (ICE).

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St. Joseph's College Women's Residence

Location: North Campus
Architect: Stantec
Scheduled Completion: Summer 2015

The residence expansion project aims to introduce 282 beds to the University of Alberta’s on-campus housing inventory in an all-female residence. The new residence will operate in a collaborative manner with the rest of the university’s residence system, as an extension of SJC.

Please visit the St. Joseph's College Women's Residence website for more information. 

Students' Union Building (SUB) Renovation

SUB RenovationLocations: North Campus
Architect: DIALOG
Scheduled Completion: Summer/Fall 2014

The Students' Union Building renovation will provide a significant update to the building. The project will achieve two important long-term goals: ensuring that the building continues to be kept up-to-date and well-maintained, and encouraging student involvement in campus groups, events, and volunteer opportunities.

For more information on the project, visit the SUB Renovation Project webpage.

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