Heating Plant

Heating Plant

The Heating Plant is located on the southwest area of the campus, and has a capacity of 650 tonnes/hour steam. The plant was first built in 1959; subsequent additions of boilers, other equipment and building extensions occurred in the following years, with the installation of a 13.3 MW back pressure steam turbine generator in 1994 and a 26.4 MW condensing steam turbine generator in 2000.

The plant has five boilers, two producing steam at 2,760 kPag and three at 6,200 kPag. The plant uses natural gas as a fuel and has the capability to fire No. 2 fuel oil as required.

Steam at 1,035 kPag is supplied to the service corridor for distribution to all of the facilities in the greater campus area for heating and process use. Condensate is returned back to the plant.

All 6,200 kPag boilers are fitted with combustion controls utilizing state of the art technology to reduce excess air, NOx and green house gas emissions.

The back pressure steam turbine generator is supplied with steam at 6,200 kPag from the boilers, and steam is exhausted at 1,035 kPag to the service corridor. Power production from this turbine is directly related to the campus heating load, hence most power production from this unit occurs in the winter months.

The 26.4 MW condensing steam turbine generator operates independently of the heating load with the exhaust being condensed in an air-cooled condenser.

The demineralizer system produces high quality water for use as boiler feed and for distribution via the service corridor to certain customers who have a requirement for this grade of water.

The Heating Plant also produces instrument quality air at 700 kPag and a dew point of -50°C using three oil-free centrifugal air compressors. Compressed air is distributed via the service corridors for use as control air to all of the buildings.

Steam Turbine Steam Turbine
13 MW Cogeneration Steam Turbine

Heating Plant Dimensions:

  • Annual production: 920 million kg
  • Peak flow (winter): 370,000 kg/hr
  • Minimum flow (summer): 40,000 kg/hr
  • Annual natural gas consumption: 3.6 million GJ

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