Mechanical Distribution Corridors

Mechanical Distribution

The Mechanical Distribution group looks after the distribution of all mechanical utilities in the Greater Campus Area (GCA) as well as the off-campus facilities.

The mechanical distribution system in the GCA delivers steam for heating and process loads, chilled water for comfort and equipment cooling, delivers electric power, compresses air, and delivers domestic water and natural gas. These mechanical utilities are distributed through 10 kilometres of service corridors located underground in the GCA. The corridors are linked to all the buildings in the GCA. In addition, the service corridors provide an ideal environment for data and telephone cables, and fire alarm systems.

The metering and control systems for the distribution network are located in the service corridors, which are air-conditioned to accommodate these sensitive instrumentation devices. 

Storm and sanitary services are located outside the service corridor system the backbone of which is a large storm and sanitary trunk (deep sewer) located along the main arteries throughout the GCA.

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