Design and Standards for Planning and Project Delivery Forms

These standards and guidelines are intended to provide assistance during the planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of University facilities.


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General Information

Please be aware of draft documentation noted in bold below. We are in the process of revising the documents, and have made them available to the public.

1.0 Introduction to the University Guidelines and Standards (PDF)
DRAFT 1.0: Introduction (PDF)
2.0 Processes for Designers and University Operations Notes (PDF)
DRAFT 2.0: Process (PDF)
3.0 Principles and Design Considerations (PDF)
DRAFT 3.0: Principles & Design Considerations (PDF)

Design Guidelines

4.0 Technical Guidelines AS (M&E) Uniformat Organization

Standard Specifications

5.0 General

Commissioning Specifications

6.0 General

Other Links

CAD File Specifications

Safety Codes Program