Driver Education

Defensive Driving Courses

The University online Defensive Driving Course is available through E-Class.

Users must log in with a University of Alberta CCID.  Research collaborators and volunteers can request CCID from the department representative who has People Soft authorization.

Completion of this course or completion of a Canada Safety Council Defensive Driving Course or equivalent within the last two years is a prerequisite for University vehicle authorization.

Drivers who may have completed a defensive driving course provided by a driving school, government department or other institution within two years prior to applying for University driver authorization must submit the course certificate to University Fleet Safety for approval. Acceptance of the certificate is dependent on course provider, course content and date of completion.

Defensive Driving Courses  from other providers.

Participants are responsible for course fees.

Confirm reimbursement of fees with your department before registering.

Course fees must be paid online

Online defensive driving courses provide an alternative for drivers who may have accumulated demerits from moving violations.  University of Alberta, Finance and Administration/ Risk Management Services/ Office of Insurance and Risk Assessment and Facilities and Operations/ Operations and Maintenance/ Fleet Safety DO NOT reimburse fees for online or classroom Defensive Driving Courses charged by other providers.

  • Stantec online Green Defensive Driving Course 
    online course participants receive an email containing a link to an printable certificate.  Print the certificate and send it to the Fleet Safety Officer or make a screenshot of it and email it to the Fleet Safety Officer.  This certificate cannot be presented to an Alberta registry agent for a demerit reduction.
  • Alberta Motor Association (AMA) - online and classroom courses
    Provide a copy of your course certificate to the University Fleet Safety Officer.
    AMA defensive driving course certificates are eligible for a 3-demerit reduction in Alberta.
    Click on this link to access the AMA web page and the online demerit reduction
    Defensive Driving Course.
  • Driving Schools licensed by Alberta Transportation to provide Defensive Driving Courses and/or Professional Driver Improvement Courses. Provide a copy of your course certificate to the University Fleet Safety Officer.
  • Canada Safety Council certified providers
    Provide a copy of your course certificate to the University Fleet Safety Officer.  

Driver Evaluations

Driver evaluations consist of a 60 minute drive in a University vehicle.  The evaluator will assess driving habits and skills and work with the driver to correct deficiencies during the evaluation. 

Inexperienced drivers will see immediate improvement in driving skills following additional training sessions with University driver training instructors.

Additional evaluations/ training may be required for drivers who are unable to correct unsafe habits within the alloted time.

To arrange for an evaluation contact the Fleet Safety Officer at:

office (780) 492-1233
cell    (780) 405-5201

Professional Driver Improvement Course
for 15 Passenger Van/24 Passenger Bus Operators 

  • Professional driver development presentation
  • Provincial and Federal Drivers' Hours of Service legislation
  • various urban traffic patterns
  • off-road recovery
  • driver evaluation by instructor

Course duration is dependant on driver skill levels and number of participants

Course times subject to available test vehicles and weather and road conditions
Provincial legislation prohibits training during inclement weather

To arrange for a course contact the Fleet Safety Officer at:

office (780) 492-1233
cell    (780) 405-5201

Quick Links

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Contact Fleet Safety:
Telephone: 780.492.1233 
Cellular: 780.405.5201