Transporting Non-University Passengers

University authorized passengers travelling in vehicles rented from the Vehicle Pool or in vehicles rented on behalf of the University of Alberta from a commercial rental agent must be assigned to the specific activity for which the vehicle is rented.

Volunteers, visitors and collaborators from other institutions must sign and submit a waiver to the department that organized transportation for the event or activity.

Volunteer registration forms must be submitted to and retained by the organizing department.

Alternate travel arrangements must be made for family members who must travel with a University employee to a University event and do not meet University passenger criteria.

Transportation of passengers in the cargo beds of pick-up trucks is prohibited under the following sections of the Alberta Traffic Safety Act / Rules of the Road Regulation AR 304/2002.  Regulations provide some exceptions which may or may not apply during operation of University vehicles.  Please consider the following information when operating University vehicles and in the interests of the safety of your passengers, do not carry passengers in the cargo beds of pick-up trucks.

  • No one is to ride in/on the truck bed of any University vehicle unless the operation of the vehicle meets criteria set out in Section 85(2) of the Traffic Safety Act, Rules of the Road Regulation
  • The operator of a University vehicle meeting the criteria set out in Section 85(2) shall not exceed 20 km/h while transporting passengers in the cargo box of a truck
  • drivers and passengers found in violation of the Traffic Safety Act are subject to penalties set out in the Act and Regulations

Please drive carefully.