The Trades staff ensure that building structures and systems are maintained safely and efficiently. They operate with three specialty areas: Architectural, Electrical, and Mechanical and are supported by Trades Project Coordinators and Estimators.

The Architectural Trades Group is responsible for the complete building structure from the basement floor to the roof including the outer surfaces, and for the preventative maintenance of the roofing systems, flashings, caulking, and exterior cladding. Access to roofs, restricted areas, and utility services corridors is prohibited without prior authorization.

  • Terry Higgs (Supervisor) 780.492.0149. 

The Electrical Trades Group performs all preventative maintenance, troubleshooting on electrical systems, emergency generators, interior and exterior lighting, and elevator operation and undertakes project alteration and infrastructure renewal work.

  • Randy Boyd (Supervisor) 780.492.3082.

The Mechanical Trades Group consists of five shops: plumbing, sheet-metal, millwright, refrigeration; isolation of sprinkler systems, and water treatment.

  • Bill Shaughnessy (Supervisor) 780.492.0128.

The Trades Project Coordination Group provides project management services for renewal projects that are specific to building upgrades and insurance claims. These services typically include replacement of fire alarm systems, upgrades to building mechanical systems, internal multi-trade projects, demolition of facilities, asbestos abatement, lighting upgrades, and installation of emergency power systems.

Life Safety Systems is responsible for managing the Hot Work Permit process, fire alarm system maintenance and signoff of verifications for occupancy certificates.

  • Ed McLaughlin (Safety Supervisor)

Estimating Services assists university departments with their planning and budgeting by providing cost estimates based on university standards and best practices.

Facilities and Operations staff will not enter areas where Departments have restricted access by signs or special security (e.g. radiation areas) unless specific arrangements have been made. Staff and contractors have identification and should provide it willingly when asked. Please ask for identification before permitting access to restricted departmental areas to ensure your safety and the safety of the area.

If you detect a problem with structural, mechanical, or electrical systems, please contact your Facility Services Manager or the Maintenance Desk at 780.492.4833.

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