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Vehicle Pool

The Vehicle Pool provides access to faculties and departments for vehicles in the fleet with a minimum time involvement, efficient management of the fleet by professional staff, cost efficiency due to bulk processing, and an overview of all vehicle operations by the University's administration.

What we can do for you:

  • supply vehicles from the University fleet and if unavailable, from commercial suppliers for rental periods of one day to one year.
  • arrange for the rental of buses, vans, etc. from commercial suppliers for field trips and special events.
  • arrange for vehicles with drivers from a commercial supplier, based on availability, for special events or scheduled services.
  • arrange for all services such as vehicle purchase and disposal, vehicle maintenance, repair, fuel supply, insurance, licensing, credit card service and any other services required to ensure that University vehicles operate to an acceptable standard.
  • provide maintenance, repairs, fuel and other services to equipment deemed serviceable by the Vehicle Pool. This includes all vehicles, tractors, laboratory trailers, boats, portable generators and other diesel powered equipment.
  • supply technical advice, as required, regarding vehicle or equipment purchases and operations.

University vehicles may be used only on University business - no exceptions. A charge is made to the department for use of the vehicle, calculated on a time plus actual kilometre-used basis. The rate schedule is based on the actual operations, maintenance and depreciation costs incurred by the vehicles and includes such items as gasoline, oil, repairs and insurance. To rent a vehicle complete the on-line form Request for Pool Vehicle.

University vehicles may only be driven by approved drivers who present evidence that they are licensed to drive in the Province of Alberta and who are authorized to do so by the Department Head. Insurance regulations also require that a Driver's Abstract must be on file at the Vehicle Pool before renting a University vehicle.

Rental Rates

Rental rates are based on revenue/expense figures of the previous year’s operations. Rate adjustments as required have been applied to daily and/ or kilometer rates. Within each vehicle class there may be options that will affect the rental rates, i.e. towing trailers, carrying campers or special equipment. The rates include facility expenses, insurance and operating costs including fuel, maintenance, repairs and normal wear and tear.

Rental rates are available for commercially supplied vehicles in the event that the Fleet does not have a University owned vehicle in stock. This rate is a higher time-value and a lower kilometre charge. Please review your reservation with the Vehicle Pool staff. Rates also include parking in all regular surface lots (Education, Stadium, and Windsor carparks).

Preventable Collisions
: A deductible will be charged to the Department account (fees set and processed by Insurance and Risk Management).

Quick Links

Visit the U Drive pages for information about driving a vehicle on University business.

Contact Vehicle Pool at 780.492.1920.