Edmonton Clinic Health Academy

Planning and Project Delivery

Planning and Project Delivery builds new facilities in support of the University's need for increased research, teaching, residence and administration space.

This department includes:

  • The Office of the University Architect - planning, design.
  • Design and Technical Services - architectural, mechanical and electrical design services; land, legal and civil technology services; safety code compliance and administration; planning technology support; record drawing and space management functions; and furnishings.
  • Project Management Office (UA) -The project managers in this unit engage in complex project management that requires prolonged involvement in program, budget, funding source development, extensive consultant selection, design coordination, estimating, procurement, and construction. 
  • Space Management - Space Management is responsible for the planning, allocating, and repurposing of all university facilities such as labs, classrooms, and office/administrative space in a manner that is fair, accurate, and transparent, aligning with government expectations and university requirements.

Pat Jansen
Associate Vice President, Planning and Project Delivery