Current Construction Projects

East Campus Village 9 Residence

Location: East Campus Village - North Campus

Design/Build: Stuart Olson

Architect: Hodgson Schilf Architects Inc.

Scheduled Completion: Fall 2018

The newest residence to be located in the East Campus Village (ECV) area follows closely on the heels of the successful East Campus Infill projects and the upcoming Peter Lougheed Hall to be completed in 2017. The building is planned to be home to approximately 300 students organized in cohorts of four and six bedroom units. It will be a coed student residence that will accommodate upper-year undergraduate (years 2 through graduation) students and will advance the university's goal of providing on-campus housing for up to 25 per cent of the full-time student population.

This last major residential project will be nestled in the mature neighbourhood of East Campus Village and Garneau. The building will be located between 89 and 90 Avenues to the south and north, with 111 Street to the west.

The building scale, profile and materiality will respond to a number of guiding influences such as the Sector 8 Plan, the Long Range Development Plan, as well as the University of Alberta Guidelines for Infill Development - Garneau. The new residence is expected to achieve 3 Green Globes.

Lister 5 Residence

Location: North Campus

Design/Build: Graham Construction

Architect: Diamond Schmitt Architects

Scheduled Completion: Fall 2018

Lister 5 is being constructed as a coed first-year residence incorporated into the existing building complex of four Lister towers. The facility is targeted to house approximately 520 students and will be designed to support a variety of cohorts and enhanced student experiences. It will be linked to the other buildings in the Lister community and contribute to an overall culture and engagement within the surrounding neighbourhood and the existing Lister complex.

This residence will help support the university's goal of providing guaranteed housing to all students accepted for enrollment in their first year. Being built in close proximity to Lister Centre, an already predominantly first-year residence, allows access to the many student support services and resources that are concentrated in this area.

The Lister 5 residence will be located east of 117 Street and south of Mackenzie and Henday Halls and is targeting a Green GlobeTM rating of Three Globes. Keep up with the residence's status via its progress photos.

Peter Lougheed Hall

Render of Peter Lougheed CollegeLocation: North Campus, East Campus Village

Architect: GEC Architecture

Contractor: Graham Construction

Scheduled Completion: Spring 2017

Peter Lougheed Hall is being constructed as a student residence associated with the University of Alberta's Peter Lougheed Leadership College. The College will be a broad, inclusive undergraduate leadership development program that will forge leaders through formal and co-curricular learning, engagement, and mentorship. Students of the College may choose to live in a residence creating an immersive experience.

The Peter Lougheed Hall project is being constructed east of 111 Street, in between Saskatchewan Drive and 90 Avenue, adjacent to Adair Park and is targeting a Green GlobeTM rating of Four Globes.

Please visit the Peter Lougheed Hall project website for more information or the residences page for information about housing.

Research and Collections Resource Facility

RCRF RenderLocation: South Campus

Design/Build: Stuart Olson Construction Ltd

Architect: HFKS Architects Inc.

Scheduled Completion: Spring 2017

The Research and Collections Resource Facility (RCRF) is being constructed on South Campus as the first purpose-built long-term storage facility for the university's valuable book, map and archive collection. The building will replace the existing Book and Records Depository (BARD), located in a leased space on 50th Street in Edmonton.

The new building will not only support the receipt, processing and storage of valuable resources, but it is intended to be a central point of research using those research materials in storage. It will include a dedicated reading room for prearranged study that is critical for academic success, augmented by secure, purpose designed library and archives staff services, sorting and processing areas.

For more information, visit the University of Alberta Libraries Website.

Stormwater Management Pond

stormwater management pondLocation: South Campus

Design: Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Construction: Weinrich Contracting Ltd.

Scheduled Completion: July 2017

The University is constructing a stormwater management pond for the University of Alberta South Campus. The stormwater management pond will service a large portion of the future South Campus development. It will be located south of 63 Avenue between 112 Street and 118 Street. The construction will be completed in two phases with the first phase consisting of earthworks and underground utility installation, and the second phase will be landscaping. Phase 1 is taking place in fall 2016, and Phase 2 will start in spring 2017.